Deed Drafting

Deed Drafting
Michigan real estate transfers occur only after a proper deed is prepared and filed with the appropriate county officials. Not only does a deed need to contain the proper language, but many people are surprised at some of the unusual requirements to ensure the document is legal. Some of these include:

  • Paper specifications – standard letter or legal sized paper must be used. The paper must be white and the rules require specific weight requirements; no paper may be used that is less than 20 pound bond. All attachments to a deed must also comply with paper size requirements.
  • Document specifications – all documents must have at least 2-1/2 inches for a top margin and at least one-half inch on each side; there are also specifications pertaining to ink color and font size.
  • Content specifications – in addition to the property description, all deeds must eliminate at least the first five numbers of social security numbers that appear anywhere in the document.

Deeds are legal documents that facilitate the transfer of property in Michigan; improper drafting could be costly and could negatively impact your rights. When you are involved in a real estate transaction in Livingston and Genesee County, you need to feel confident the deed that is filed meets the legal specifications and is filed in a timely manner. We serve Flint, MI and surrounding counties. Contact Kaye Law Office PLLC today at 810-226-0203 or 810-207-5421 if you need a deed drafted for a real estate transaction.